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client / vereniging Tweede Nassau Ateliers
what / catalogue, poster, flyer, flag, website
technique / Riso print, digital print
edition / 400 (catalogue) 25 (poster)

Catalogue design, 21 x 15 cm, 64 pages (risoprint + digital print)
Poster design, 59,4 x 42,0 cm (risoprint)
Flyer, 21 x 21 cm (digital print)
Flag, 180 x 120 cm (digital print on textile cloth)

The ‘Tweede Nassau Ateliers’ is an artist studio complex situated in the west of Amsterdam. Founded in the 1960’s it has housed around 30 artists all through the 1970’s , 80’s, 90’s up until now. It would have long since been sold to some project developer, if it hadn’t been for all the activists concerned with preserving this cultural sanctuary in the western heart of Amsterdam. For 50 years this building hasn’t changed it’s purpose, which is to give artists of all ages a place to work and create. To commemorate this incredible timespan, 25 artists who work at the ‘Tweede Nassau Ateliers’ invited another admired artist to create a Duo Exhibition. The exhibition was called ‘Staatsgeheimen’ (State Secrets), a reference to the neighbourhood, de Staatsliedenbuurt.