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title / Some Forms That Could or Might have been Inspired by Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes  (2016)
size / various sizes
technique / Riso print / Offset print
edition / 1 Riso poster + 150 Offset prints

First 3 images / Riso print,  poster (329 x 483mm) at AGALAB
Last 4 images / (experimental) Offset prints (105 x 148mm) at Zwaan Printmedia

This self initiated project was inspired by conceptual artist Sol Lewitt (1929-2007), who made a work called ‘Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes’ (first exhibited in 1974 at the Galerie Yvon Lambert in Paris).

The original work consists of a collection of frame structures and a presentation of their diagrams. Each structure in the project is a cube with some edges removed so that the structure remains three-dimensional and connected. Structures are considered to be identical if one can be transformed into another by a space rotation (but not reflection).

Sol Lewitt basically asks a simple question: how many of these variations are possible here?

For this work, i created my own ‘incomplete open cubes’ following a strategy of loosely putting in content, while still looking for a visual balance between the the logical forms and textual statement. 

The result was first offset printed together with platform Nieuweklasse at Zwaan Printmedia in Wormerveer in 4 different pantone colours on 6 different kinds of (coloured) paper that can each be cut into 4 different business cards.

Later I riso printed the design as a poster, also together with Nieuweklasse  at AGA lab in Amsterdam.