Police band of Suriname – poster & dvd

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client / Boa Producties
what / poster & dvd cover design
size / 594 x 841 mm
technique / Offset print

The Police band is an institution in Surinam society. Since 1985 it has been acting as a bridge between the police and the inhabitants of Suriname, bringing its swinging music everywhere. Kaseko, the authentic Surinam music wasn’t appreciated much during the Dutch reign. This changed when Suriname became independent in 1975. For many years, the Police band has had difficulties, like a shortage of members, worn out instruments and poor housing. Still, the Police Band manages to let the people dance, even into heaven..

The poster and dvd were comissioned by Boa Productions and designed to promote the documentary ‘The Police Band of Suriname’  at IDFA: International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. Photography by Sara Blokland