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client / Ecokids
what / All-weather activity cards for After-school programs
size / 210 x 297 mm
technique / HP Indigo prints on Synaps 230 paper
edition / 140

Ecokids is an organization based in Amsterdam that teaches kids about nature in a playful and active way. In Amsterdam, not all children have regular contact with animals or plants because of the urban environment. So, Ecokids helps to keep them getting ‘estranged’ from nature.

They teach children about everything that has to do with nature: the lifecycle of small insects, recycling, biodiversity, the food chain, healthy living etc. Ecokids lets kids discover nature by going outside, walking around in parks and forests and doing assignments, experiencing nature outside. They offer many different workshops and programs from which their clients (mainly schools or city municipalities) can choose. For their After-school program (BSO in Dutch) they offer activities and games around different topics.

Ecokids commissioned me to design 14 different activity cards, each one based on a certain topic (like ‘Make your own Paper’ or ‘Edible Plants’, or ‘Aquatic Insects’). All of the cards had to be really sturdy and water resistant since the kids are constantly outside weathering the elements.

I designed patterns based on these topics and created different layouts (based on the provided content) with easy steps so that the teachers could follow the program and explain everything to the kids in a clear way, using photography from previous workshops. It gave Ecokids a way to make their programs consistent and have re-usable all-weather cards.