Visions of Silver Wrapping – screen printed cards

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title / Visions of Silver Wrapping (2018)
size / 12,5 x 16 cm
technique / Screen print on paper
edition / 50 

To set a myself a challenge, I planned to design (and send) Christmas cards. To me it was a challenge because I usually don’t send Christmas cards. So I thought, what would I send to someone who isn’t very enthousiastic about christmas (like me)? A card like that would have to be:

– funny, but not silly;
– personal, so handprinted;
– experimental;
– tactile, so nice paper;
– a little bit about christmas (but not too much). 

With this in mind I asked artist Annelies Doom to join me in hand printing these cards. Together (she made her own cards) we screen printed about 50 cards on 5 different kinds of paper using 4 different colours of ink (black, white, blue and fluorescent green).