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client / Lizet Kraal, Rode Loper commissie
what / flyer design
size / A3 + A5
technique / digital print on paper

‘Rode Loper Centrum Sloper’ is the slogan for a group of people actively protesting against City plans of rerouting traffic in the centre and the south of Amsterdam. In Amsterdam some intersections are so congested that the City thought it might be a good idea to reroute cars, trucks and buses, so that the traffic is spread more evenly across the city.

Many people living in these neightbourhoods (where there is already too much traffic) opposed these plans and got organized to put a stop to this. I got in touch with some people organizing the protests and made this pamphlet. It was designed to attract attention, even from a distance, so people could put it behind their windows and let everyone know what was up, and join the protest!