Afterparty – riso print

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title / Afterparty (2016)
size / 44 x 31 cm
technique / Riso print on paper
edition / 8

With design platform ‘Nieuweklasse‘ i participated in a workshop Riso print at Agalab. The workshop was given by the kind folks of KNUST. Riso print (also known as Risograph) is a printing technique a bit like screen printing, only automated. Like with screen printing, you have to make separate black bitmap ‘films’ for each color used in the end result.

As a starting point i used a photo i took of a window which had a duvet hanging out of it, and some balloons underneath (strangely enough). With the Riso machine i created this two color riso print on different kinds of paper (44 x 31 cm). The title of the print is ‘Afterparty’ (edition of 8 prints). The last two prints shown are made with recycled test papers.