Neoschlager – cassette tape

client / Hans Kuiper
what / Cassette tape inlay, illustration, cover design
 / 29,7 x 10 cm
technique / Digital print

Hans Kuiper works as an artist, curator, songwriter and journalist. He has initiated many exhibitions and radio projects (for instance, radio Neverno) since 2005, and as a performative artist/songwriter Kuiper has developed his very own pop genre called ‘Neoschlager’. This he uses as a starting point for exploring the aesthetics of pop culture in an artistic context. His songs (sung in German) are performed strictly in ‘white cube’ settings (preferably at gallery openings or as part of an exhibition), thereby fusing highbrow and lowbrow (pop) art in an exciting and different way.

The Neoschlager project started as a collaboration between artist Tiny Domingos and Hans Kuiper (kuiperdomingos projects). The concept of their collaboration is that, at each new event, Kuiper & Domingos create an art installation in (or around) which Kuiper will perform Neoschlager songs for the audience. To strengthen his performances Kuiper wanted to bundle his song repertoire in a way that would ‘fit’ the genre of Neoschlager. Audio cassettes seemed to be the logical choice.

The design combines the ‘heavy duty’ Neoschlager microphone with a reference to Domingos’ wood and blue tape-art installations. Both sides of the tape have songs on them with names like ‘Da geht ein Mann’, ‘Ich gehe zu meinem Galerist’ and my all time favourite ‘Wir sind alle da, in social Media’. If you’d like to listen to any of the songs, go here.